Cannabis Manufacturing


Manufacturers apply for an Annual Manufacturer License (Type 7, 6, N or P), which is issued by the California Department if Public Health. This license process is similar to that required by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for their respective licenses within the cannabis industry.

Due to the nature of manufacturing, you will be asked to provide more information regarding your business activities and anticipated gross revenue. The application also will require a description of inventory control procedures, quality control procedures, transportation processes, security procedures, and waste disposal procedures. Lastly, a waiver of Sovereign Immunity is required.

To operate, manufacturers must secure a Commercial Cannabis License from the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC). Cannabis Advisors oversees all of the license application requirements, including a detailed description of operating procedures in the areas of transportation, inventory, quality control and security.

A premises diagram and landowner approval are also required, and the BCC reserves the right to prohibit certain people from holding a license.


Cannabis product manufacturing deals with areas of compliance, which includes disease control, cleanliness, personnel, proper storage, cleaning of equipment, sanitary operations, batch production, Track-and-Trace Program requirements, waste management, and facility construction and design.

Care must be taken in dealing with raw materials and ingredients. Manufacturing operations also include hazard analysis, preventive controls, inventory control, weights and measures, and machinery qualification.

As part of its operational plans, manufacturers must adequately train employees, handle product complaints, and manage recalls. Manufacturers must also address significant regulatory concerns in the areas of product standards, safety and security, labeling and packaging, Track-and-Trace and many others.