Frequently asked questions


Who needs to be licensed?

Any business that conducts commercial cannabis activity must be licensed, and a separate license is required for each location (premises) where that business engages in commercial cannabis activity.

How many licenses can a person have?

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) does not limit the number of licenses a person may obtain. However, local jurisdictions may set a limit.

Are there any restrictions on the type of license a person can have?

A person that holds a testing laboratory license is prohibited from licensure for any other activity, except testing. A testing laboratory also is prohibited from employing an individual who is also employed by any other licensee except for another testing laboratory licensee.

I have obtained a license, how can CAP help me?

Congratulations on obtaining your cannabis business license! Cannabis Advising Partners can still help you with mandated year-round compliance and business growth. We have a proprietary inspector preparedness program to help you in the case of audits or run-ins with cannabis regulators. Additionally, you may need cannabis-specific banking and insurance. We also help with tax optimization and business growth services to ensure that your cannabis business turns healthy, sustainable profits.