CAP Services

Cannabis Advising Partners is a full-service licensing, compliance, and business services provider for cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, micro-businesses and other industry-related companies that operate in the State of California. We help all types of cannabis-related companies navigate the new and complex requirements that surround everything from the submission of an annual license application, to the broad range of intricate ongoing compliance standards that are mandated by law. From cannabis cultivation, to professional and chemical engineering, to local lobbying, CAP has all the right professionals and experts on staff, guiding your cannabis business from start to launch with support for ongoing compliance.


Licensing and Permitting Services

CAP can help you find the appropriate properties and help with the following in order to secure all the necessary licenses and permits:

  • Location services

  • Local and city permitting

  • Application preparation; local and state

  • Business license application

  • Facility schematics

  • Operational plans

  • Security plans

  • Business plans


Business Services

While you think about the big pictures decisions, CAP can help cover the following business details:

  • Corporate formation

  • Section 280E strategic tax planning

  • Facility management

  • Financial models

  • Business optimization strategy

  • Cannabis-specific banking and insurance


Compliance Services

Maintaining a legitimate and protected cannabis business means being compliant on the local and state levels year-round. CAP can help with:

  • Inventory management

  • Track and Trace training and interface

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • Financial record keeping

    • Taxation revenue model

  • Staffing and training

  • Inspector preparedness

    • Monthly Inspection Preparedness Program (MIPP)

    • Annual Audit


Investor Services

As capital pours into California's emerging legal cannabis industry, CAP can help you get ahead in the Green Rush with:

  • Startup and ongoing capital funding

  • Business partnering

  • Investor relations

  • Business management


Operation Services

CAP's team includes individuals with many years of experience in the cannabis industry and all of the business and engineering credentials to help you with:

  • Strategic facility planning and development

  • Equipment allocation

  • Talent acquisition and training

  • Licensed Professional Engineer and chemical engineer on staff

  • Efficiency optimization in license-specific consulting services:

    • Cultivation

    • Manufacturing

    • Retail