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Testing laboratories require a specific license, and Cannabis Advisors can aid in acquisition of an initial Temporary, Provisional Laboratory License.

There are specific guidelines from the California Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) that must be followed. The primary considerations for testing laboratories involve their standard operating procedures for harvest batch sampling and product batch sampling, including field logs, rules about the number of increments per sample depending on batch size, Chain of Custody (COC) protocols, and distributor sampling.

In addition, testing laboratories must demonstrate their standard operating procedures for laboratory analysis, including test methods, validation criteria, and reporting.

We will assist in the wide range of tests that must be performed and reported, including microbial impurity, mycotoxin, heavy metals, cannabinoid, terpenoid and foreign matter testing, as well as both Category 1 and 2 testing for residual solvents, processing chemicals and pesticides.

In addition, we ensure that testing laboratories follow all regulations concerning employee qualifications for supervisors, management, analysts and samplers.

compliance requirements:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation

  • Must develop and implement a chain of custody protocol to document the transportation, handling, storage, and destruction of samples

  • Must generate a certificate of analysis for each primary sample the lab analyzes

  • Any cannabis or cannabis product sold to, or purchased by, a customer, must meet testing requirements


Specific requirements. Please call us for a free consultation.


Specific requirements. Please call us for a free consultation.