Cannabis Advising Partners


All of our team members are knowledgeable and proactive in their respective specialties. We are lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, accountants, and diligent compliance researchers. With more than twenty years of experience in commercial cultivation, distribution, and environmental compliance, Cannabis Advising Partners are the cannabis industry experts you want in your corner.


Executive Team

CA Compliance
Business Development
Cannabis Taxation Models

For the past 20 years, members of CAP's executive team have helped companies across the state meet environmental and safety compliance, continually managing 1,300 facilities. This team understands how industry and government interact. CAP's executive team is excited to help position cannabis companies for long-term profitability in California.


Licensing Team

Local Ordinances
City and County Permits
CA Cannabis Licensing

CAP's licensing team is made up of diligent government liaisons who work hard to prepare applications, securing all of the proper permits and licenses required of cannabis businesses on the local and state levels. CAP is in frequent contact with the relevant agencies, staying knowledgeable and proactive in an otherwise complicated licensing and permitting process.


Operations Team

Cannabis Best Practices
Industry Networks
Cannabis Operations

With over 10 years experience in commercial cultivation and edible/concentrate manufacturing along with experience in cannabis retail, the professionals on CAP's cannabis operations team bring a targeted consulting perspective to the team. CAP's operations team have extensive experience and cannabis networks to help our clients build world-class cannabis operations.


Compliance Team

CA State and Local Laws
Operational Compliance

Building on 20 years of experience with helping outdoor cultivation with regulations issued by the Storm Water Resource Control Board, CAP's compliance team is armed with experts in compliant business practices who can represent your business before CA regulation agencies. CAP has legal professionals and accounting professionals to protect your businesses.