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City of Davis, California Proposed Ordinance

CITY OF DAVIS- Depending on the decision made by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors next spring, the new addition could either increase or decrease cannabis activities in unincorporated parts of Yolo County. 

The draft has five proposed options that vary in the authorized types of cannabis activities, the zoning location and buffer requirements and the total number of operations. The first option has the smallest number of licenses and only allows cultivation activities of the current 78 existing operations. 

The second and third alternatives allow all types of cannabis use and have higher numbers of allowed operations (132 and 264, respectively). The fourth alternative only allows operations indoors or in greenhouses. And the fifth would limit the operations to agricultural zone districts besides retail. 

Comments for the DEIR can be submitted by the public until Dec. 23 at 4 p.m. and written comments can be sent to the Yolo County Department of Community Services. Oral comments can also be made at the Yolo County Planning Commission Meeting on Dec. 3. The Davis meetings will occur on Dec. 2 at the South Davis Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting and on Dec. 3 at Unitarian Church in West Davis.